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CN-106911029-A: 电连接器及其制造方法 patent, CN-106911620-A: 一种重叠频分复用调制方法、装置及系统 patent, CN-106914628-A: One-step method for preparing nano-assembly patent, CN-106914802-A: Method for improving edge quality of back-sealed silicon slice patent, CN-106915224-A: Car sun shading device with solar photovoltaic panel patent, CN-1069152-A: Slew rate speed-up circuit patent, CN-106915410-A: 一种具有双重刹车功能的单车 patent, CN-106916422-A: Preparation method for high-transparency heatproof polylactic acid-based composite material patent, CN-106917005-A: Manufacturing process of automobile aluminum alloy exhaust pipe patent, CN-106918162-A: 空调器 patent, CN-106919162-A: Controller Having Learning Function For Detecting Cause Of Noise patent, CN-106919794-A: Method and device for drug entity recognition aiming at multiple data sources patent, CN-106919834-A: 一种计算机软件安全防护方法 patent, CN-106920105-A: Commodity use prompting method and mobile terminal patent, CN-106920365-A: 一种智能手环 patent, CN-106921032-A: 用于终端的天线和具有其的终端 patent, CN-106921034-A: 天线组件及电子设备 patent, CN-106921385-A: Hall circuit and signal output method thereof patent, CN-106921622-A: Cookie information processing method and device patent, CN-106921660-A: 一种支持任意通信协议共享信道资源的方法 patent, CN-106921894-A: Method and system for searching initial focus of browser page of set-top box patent, CN-106921906-A: Portable playing loudspeaker box patent, CN-106922034-A: 一种接入方法及装置 patent, CN-106923095-A: Blood lipid lowering health-care drink patent, CN-106924560-A: 一种百麦安神饮品及其制备方法 patent, CN-106924634-A: 降血糖中药 patent, CN-106925616-A: 一种防冲击的滑道装置 patent, CN-106926105-A: 一种交通用波形护栏多功能切割装置 patent, CN-106926757-A: Vehicle seat long slide rail mechanism patent, CN-106927345-A: Locking device for elevator car door patent, CN-106927554-A: 一种兼具螯合‑絮凝双重性能的树枝状聚合物重金属捕集剂及其应用 patent, CN-106928148-A: Herbicidal and insecticidal phenyl-substituted pyridazinones patent, CN-106928254-A: Water-soluble indoline spironaphthoxazine quaternary ammonium salt additive, preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-106928269-A: Method of preparing phosphate patent, CN-106929074-A: Technology for upgrading briquette coal raw materials coated with low-rank coal and garbage particles patent, CN-106929531-A: 一种贝酵母转fzf1基因耐硫转化子的制备及鉴定方法 patent, CN-106930388-A: Unpowered rainfall runoff pollutant intercepting facility and pollutant intercepting operation method patent, CN-106930610-A: Anti-theft door patent, CN-106931147-A: 用于齿轮箱输出轴的绝热结构 patent, CN-106931696-A: 一种分布式制冰装置及方法 patent, CN-106931980-A: Method and device for generating driving data patent, CN-106933181-A: Electric control system of small engine dismounting device patent, CN-106934447-A: Passive electronic label system and method thereof patent, CN-106936150-A: Parameter optimization configuration method for modular multilevel DC transmission system patent, CN-106936847-A: Audio data processing method and processor patent, CN-106937012-A: 一种客户端定时上传图片实现网上图片直播的方法 patent, CN-106937852-A: 洗碗机 patent, CN-106938284-A: 螺旋形肋钢管制造方法及装置 patent, CN-106939193-A: 一种酵素抽油烟机清洗剂的配制方法 patent, CN-106940896-A: 一种基于参数的动态轨迹叠加方法 patent, CN-106941144-A: 新能源汽车电池箱上使用的绝缘防护装置 patent, CN-106941942-A: 一种多面修剪装置 patent, CN-106941956-A: Interesting orchid recognizing device patent, CN-106941981-A: Film covering device for agriculture patent, CN-106944852-A: Trimming drilling machine tool for axle tube of vehicle axle patent, CN-106945161-A: Cement paste water bath curing box for cement paste performance testing patent, CN-106946345-A: 生物膜反应器处理污水的方法 patent, CN-106946637-A: Skid-mounted device and technology for producing methane from lower hydrocarbons patent, CN-106947413-A: 一种用于家装接缝补缝的专用嵌缝胶及制备方法 patent, CN-106947629-A: 一种木质家具酵素清洗剂的配制方法 patent, CN-106948565-A: Indoor environment-friendly temperature control decorative plate patent, CN-106950648-A: 一种平面光波导型保偏光纤分路器及其制造方法 patent, CN-106951373-A: Automation test method and device for power grid network management mobile operation and maintenance software patent, CN-106951572-A: Restaurant recommending system and restaurant recommending method patent, CN-106952059-A: Control method for logistics transportation device, and logistics transportation device patent, CN-106953062-A: 连续极耳不对称混合网状极片同向电极卷绕电池 patent, CN-106953265-A: 充气柜 patent, CN-106953346-A: Off-grid type microgrid energy management method for battery containing sodium and sulfur patent, CN-106953697-A: 模拟可编程的olt收发一体芯片 patent, CN-106954231-A: Method for calculating location of mobile subscriber of IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number by LTE network patent, CN-106954608-A: Automatic collection device with characteristic of fixed-area/volume electric suction for soybean thrips in farmland patent, CN-106955322-A: Traditional Chinese medicine for treating esophagus cancer at night patent, CN-106956090-A: Cobalt chromium tungsten alloy powder for spray welding and application method thereof patent, CN-106956301-A: 一种碳系电热膜的快速切割方法 patent, CN-106956886-A: Injection machine conveying device and injection taking device patent, CN-106957266-A: 一种含氟离子的牙科树脂单体及其制备方法和应用 patent, CN-106957894-A: Application of microRNA (Ribonucleic Acid) molecular expression profile for predicting non-small cell lung cancer brain metastasis risk patent, CN-106957928-A: Preparation method of trchosahthes kirilowii maxim fructose syrup patent, CN-106958160-A: Preparation method of environment-friendly printing and writing paper patent, CN-106959056-A: 镖靶上的牛眼 patent, CN-106960543-A: Tumble monitoring method patent, CN-106960633-A: 显示装置 patent, CN-106960952-A: Modification method of ternary positive electrode material patent, CN-106961960-A: 一种连作棉花的栽培方法 patent, CN-106962224-A: 一种肉鸡养殖设备 patent, CN-106962766-A: Light-resisting, health-care and storable pitaya fine dried noodles patent, CN-106962796-A: 一种补血滋阴牛肉脯及其生产方法 patent, CN-106962819-A: Eggs rich omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and coenzyme Q10, and production method thereof patent, CN-106963236-A: 电蒸锅 patent, CN-106963612-A: Method and device for massage appliance control patent, CN-106964761-A: 一种板坯连铸机零号段窄边可调节导向辊装置 patent, CN-106966251-A: 方法和电梯 patent, CN-106966729-A: Preparation method of high-performance Cr3+ and Nd3+ compositely doped GSGG laser ceramic patent, CN-106967388-A: Preparation method of environment-friendly mixed refrigerant used for replacing monochlorodifluoromethane patent, CN-106967874-A: Feeding system of double-chamber vacuum furnace used for thermal treatment patent, CN-106968083-A: 洗衣机减速器及洗衣机 patent, CN-106968461-A: Multi-functional electric bathroom patent, CN-106969008-A: Composite hydraulic system broad-spectrum fluid pressure pulsation attenuator patent, CN-106969523-A: Single-stage/overlapped double system type high-temperature heat pump system selecting natural medium patent, CN-106970150-A: 一种固定吸附式扫查器装置及调整方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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